My First Solo Trip to Rocking Horse Ranch


(image of saddle taken from Pixabay)

Last year, in March 2017, during my college spring break. I traveled to Rocking Horse Ranch for three days, alone. I felt it was the perfect vacation spot for first-time solo travelers. Check-in and check-out didn’t involve too much. Almost everything was included from meals, to activities, and amenities. Things that were extra were the spa and gift shop items. I admired the fact that I did not have to spend too much money.

Some things I discovered were that everything shut down at noon, from the pool to the gift shop, and other activities, with the exception of lunch. The change machines in the arcade were also very picky. If your bills were not flawlessly straight, the machines would’ve rejected them. So bring change! There was also a fitness room only for adults. When I went to the ranch, many of the people were families with little kids, probably because it wasn’t a peak spring break time. So going into the fitness center was a nice way to take a break from the children. However, the Wi-Fi was very weak. I ended up using my phone’s data for my videos.

The weather was cold and bitter. It snowed the whole time. In fact, the first full day, the ranch had cancelled the winter activities, such as snow tubing, since the conditions were not the safest. But the next day, they’d re-opened the winter activities. The room I stayed in had very little heat. It froze a lot, especially at night. In fact, one of those nights, I wore a cardigan over my top to bed.

One more thing: the walls were not sound-proof. I could hear other peoples’ conversations around me from my room. I also had to wear earphones when watching videos on my computer, especially those that were for mature audiences.

Nevertheless, I felt that trip was not only lots of fun, but it was also a great way of freedom. I got to choose my own meal times, horseback riding time, go to any activity I wanted, and hang out in the room whenever I wanted. It was also a good way to learn independence and vacation skills. I’d give this trip 5 out of 5 stars.

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