Real, Real Cool… Review of “Sleepover” (2004)

Despite the unpopularity of the film at the time of its’ release, I actually liked the movie. Many famous actors star in it, such as Alexa Vega, Jane Lynch, and Steve Carrell.

It’s the end of eighth grade. Julie (Alexa Vega) is hosting a sleepover. Her mom’s (Jane Lynch) biggest rule is no leaving the house. However, the popular crew and Julie’s best friend, Hannah make a deal to go on a scavenger hunt. Whoever loses sits at the worst table in the high school. Julie has to sneak out of the house and make it back without getting in trouble.

While I found the movie engaging, I also spotted out a lot of unbelievable scenes. For example, when the movie opens, Julie’s locker is still filled and decorated. Why hasn’t she cleaned it out long before? In real life, secondary school students are required to clean out their lockers before finals begin. Also, was there no moving-up ceremony?

I also found it odd that the characters were able to avoid being noticed and good at fooling others just for plot convenience. Folks, please don’t try this.

What I liked about the film was the silliness, regardless of what I said before. The themes of friendship and young teen drama were done well, too. The romance between Julie and Steve was sweet. All in all, I would give movie 4 out of 5 stars.


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