Topics include the following:

Educational, Experience, Reference Images, Tips, Tricks, Unique Ideas, Personal Life, Mini Art Shows/Pieces I’ve Created, and Miscellaneous.


The Great Art Comparison: Traditional vs. Digital

Simple Shapes vs. Outlining Drawings


Subject Art

Character Design: What I Learned and Even Discovered Recently

Collage Comedy

Drawing Proportions from Face to Face is Anything but a No-Brainer

Food is Hard to Draw Formally

Fun with Figure Drawing

It’s Fun to Draw Cakes

Digital Art

Fun with Photoshop

Graphic Design and Invitation Creations

Mayhem with Multi-Page Website-Making

Abstract Art

Collaborative Art Project: Medallions with Abstract Designs

The Stuck Abstract Artist… No More

Why I Draw with Pencils First, and Then Trace in Pen if Desired

Reference Images

How to Use Reference Images for Illustration

Lines & Shapes & References, Oh My… That’s What Illustration is All About

Why Reference Images Make a Difference for Art


Digital Art: This is What You Should Know


Colored Pencils Plus Photoshop Smudging Equals a Beautiful Image

Lost Fonts? How to Fix That

Yes, You Can “Make” Primary Colors

Unique Ideas

Picture Cards for (Hopefully) Perfect Test Results

Drawing by Hand and Coloring in Photoshop

How do I Pair the Colors like an Artist?

Personal Life

At Last, I Am Back and Even Good at Art Again

Why I’m Not Doing Much Art These Days

Mini Art Shows: Pieces I’ve Created

Traditional Media

Mini Art Show: A Sketch of a Bird

Mini Art Show: A Young Woman Sketch

Mini Art Show: Rooster on a Unicycle

Mini Art Show: Round Gingerbread Ornament

3D Media

Mini Art Show: Squid Piñata

Digital Media

Mini Art Show: A Simple Banquet Room

Mini Art Show: Birthday Card Design

Mini Art Show: Cupcake Tower

Mini Art Show: Parrot at the Zoo

Mini Art Show: Perseus and Medusa

A Mini Art Show, Presenting… Anime Self Portrait

Mini Art Show: Witch in Detention


Drawing a Whole Room is Difficult and What You Can Do Instead

Using Humor in Art