Important Announcement

I would like to thank everyone who liked, commented, shared, or even just viewed my blog posts. I now have a crucial announcement to make.

First, there is some bad news. Unfortunately, this website will be taken down at some point due to the broad level of topics. Good news? I will have separate websites for each different niche. So, now is your chance to save your comments and stay on the lookout for my new blog sites to come.

Currently, there is one called, “Cooking with Sunayna”. If you love cooking, you can follow me on that site.

The other sites will be:

Art with Sunayna

Travel Time with Sunayna

Sunayna’s Writing Life (with writing tips and original fiction)

Sunayna’s Entertainment (with discussions on movies, TV shows, and books)

The other sites will come soon. I am not sure yet. But this current site will be gone by January 31st.

I hope to see you follow my new sites.

Thank you all for your time. Have a happy and safe new year!