Let it Go… Can’t Hold These Thoughts Anymore… For an Analysis of Disney’s “Frozen” (2013)

Warning: Contains Spoilers***


I did not see “Frozen” in the movie theater. However, I did see it on my computer. I also saw the Broadway show, which I actually liked more. But this post is only about the movie.

I am not going to include thoughts on the shorts, such as “Frozen Fever” or “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure”, as I did not see those. So here is the analysis.

Many of us know the story. As young children, Anna and Elsa play together until Elsa accidentally knocks Anna out unconscious with her ice powers. Anna’s memories of Elsa’s ice powers are altered and wiped. Elsa has to have a bunch of restrictions on her until she can control her powers. Anna and Elsa grow up mostly separate. Their parents die, and then three years later, Elsa is crowned queen. She accidentally does ice magic at the coronation and flees while creating an eternal winter. Anna goes out to look for her. I could go on, but I’m not going to.

So here are my thoughts. First off, I really appreciate how Elsa is developed. She is misunderstood by others, scared, and struggles to control her ice powers. That made her seem very real and likable.

Speaking of likable… did you know that Elsa was originally supposed to be the villain, in “Frozen”? She was going to be much older and use her ice powers for evil, like in the original story “Frozen” was based off: “The Snow Queen”. However, I am glad the creators changed it and had Prince Hans be the villain instead.

In fact, I think it was a smart move as standards have changed since Disney’s early days. Just because someone seems charming, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should love and trust him or her. It was also a nice, unexpected twist for the story, straying away from the traditional approach, where the prince the princess falls in love with is a good guy. Kristoff ended up being Anna’s love interest, even though he wasn’t as easygoing as Hans seemed.

It was also pretty unsanitary that Kristoff and Sven shared carrots. At least it’s not realism, otherwise, Kristoff would’ve gotten sick, as well as Sven.

While still discussing character development, I did find Anna too immature at times for her age. For instance, Elsa had to remind her that she couldn’t marry a guy she’d just met. But Anna had unrealistic expectations for romance. I knew better at Anna’s age (18) and even younger.

Now the most memorable character for me was Olaf the snowman. He was silly, enthusiastic, and comedic. I especially love his song about summer. It was cute to see how a snowman envisioned summer, especially when he didn’t know that heat melted snow.

The songs were all great. Many of them didn’t sound like traditional Disney songs. For example, I thought “Let it Go” and “For the First Time in Forever” sounded like “Wicked” songs.

The layout of the setting was executed well. Another fun fact is that the cast and crew had to go to Norway to study the land and architecture for the film. And it worked out well.

I would rate “Frozen” 4 out of 5 stars. While the story content was done with lots of effort, something about it didn’t engage me enough to give it 5 stars. In fact, when I first saw this movie, I found the beginning to be kind of boring. I only watched the whole thing because it was a big, popular film.

Nevertheless, I still enjoyed it very much.





“Facts” About Disney Princesses That Are Really Common Misconceptions

Disclaimer: These statements are based on my research only.

You see them everywhere. Merchandise, online images, Disney parks, and much more will feature the Disney princesses. There are Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan (although she really isn’t a princess, but that’s another story), Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida, Anna, Elsa, and possibly Moana and Elena. Those are the official Disney princesses. They are the ones that have the most marketability.

However, they are not the only princesses Disney has ever created. There a bunch of princesses that Disney has created that have not made it to the Disney Princess line that appears on products and other popular places and things. Not only does the general public forget about them, but so does Disney themselves. Sometimes the forgotten Disney princesses have been labeled as “non-princesses”.

Some forgotten Disney Princesses include Kida from Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Eilonwy from The Black Cauldron, and Faline from Bambi. There are more that you can find elsewhere online since there are so many and this post is going to focus on the misconceptions about the official Disney princesses that are claimed to be facts by both Disney and the public.


1: Jasmine is the only Disney princess who does not have the lead role.


She is only official Disney princess who does not have the lead role. All three forgotten Disney princesses mentioned above are secondary characters, too. In fact, according to my research, it seems that most forgotten Disney princesses do not have the lead role as the main characters. Others include Ariel’s six sisters, Nala, Tiger Lily, Megara (she and Hercules marry in the TV series), Jane Porter, Vonelope, and Maid Marion. There are more, but I want to get to the next point.


2: Elsa is the only Disney princess not a teenager.


Once again, Elsa is the only official Disney princess not a teenager. There is Sophia the First, who is not part of the Disney princess line, but unlike the princesses listed above, is not forgotten about by the public, either. She has popularity amongst little girls as well as her line of products.

But that is also a different story. Some forgotten Disney princesses who are not teenagers include Vonelope, Tiger Lily, and possibly Megara (Wikipedia said she was 20). In fact, it has been confirmed that part of the reason Vonelope is not an official Disney princess is because she was considered too young. I hear her age isn’t said in the movie, and that is common for Disney movies. But I read somewhere that she is supposed to be around 9. That is pretty young since Snow White is the youngest official princess at 14, although she does look old for her age.

I am hoping that Disney will, one day, create another official princess not a teenager.


3: Ariel is the first Disney princess since Aurora.


The truth is that at least two princesses came in between Aurora and Ariel. Those are Maid Marion and Eilonwy.


4: Elsa is the first Disney princess to be crowned queen.


Kida was actually the first. I did not see Atlantis: The Lost Empire. But I read about Kida’s queen status somewhere online.


5: Moana is the first Disney princess without a love interest.


Now this differs from the other misconceptions. Moana is the third official Disney princess to not have a love interest. The first one was Merida. The second one was Elsa. That was why fans have been begging Disney to give Elsa a girlfriend. And there are some forgotten Disney princesses who never fell in love.


6: Aurora is the least speaking Disney Princess.


Yes, she only gets 18 spoken lines, not counting the song, “Once Upon a Dream”. But if you’ve seen “Peter Pan”, Tiger Lily is non-speaking except when she yells for help while drowning in a base of water.


Sometimes unofficial Disney princesses are forgotten about because of their films’ lacks of success. That was the case with The Black Cauldron. Because the film didn’t do well, everyone forgot about it. Therefore, Eilonwy was forgotten about. Sometimes princesses don’t receive the official status because they are animals, such as Faline, Nala, and Kiara. And there are other reasons why certain forgotten Disney princesses did not receive the official status.

So there you have it. Did I miss any common misconceptions? Please state in the comments below if you think. Thank you.