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Dream Trips

Bucket Lists

If I Went to Niagara Falls

If I Went to Puerto Rico, This is What I Would Want

My Florida Bucket-List

My Ideal Trip to a Winter Resort

General Ideas

A Dream Vacation I Have Lost Interest in

Wondering About a Winter Resort


Can Vacations Spoil You?

Going to Europe? Here is What You Should Expect

How I Packed for Traveling in Recent Years

Hotels vs. Airbnb’s – Which Do You Choose?

Is DisneyWorld Worth it for Every Disney Fan?

Terrific Tips for a Successful Trip

These Are Unique Outside the State of New York

Why Flying First-Class is Worthy if You Can Afford it

What I’ve Already Experienced


My Top 3 Unique Travel Moments

My Top Animal Encounter Moments on Trips

My Most Memorable Moments on a Girl Scout Trip to London in 2008

These Are a Few of My Favorite Family Trips

Local Trips

An Amazing Experience Happened at Alice’s Tea Cup in New York City

A Great Experience at Governor’s Comedy Club

Long Island, New York’s Adventureland For Adults… Sort Of


Atlantis, Bahamas, Ooh I Want to Show You (2010 Trip)

Ice… Ice… Iceland – My Trip There in 2017

I Went the Distance to Greece in the Summer of 2015

It’s Interesting in Italy

I’ve Been on a Trip… to Niagara Falls – 2008

My Experience with Museums

When I Visited the Calgary Zoo in 2015

My First Solo Trip to Rocking Horse Ranch

That’s Where I Went, You Know… Way Down in Key West

A Place to Stay on a Trip – Should I Book or Should I Pass?