Topics include:

Editing – Life as a Published Author – Tips – Unpopular Opinions – Clichés – Process – Characterization – Research – Handwriting – Personal – Plot – Other Literary Elements


Music Makes Editing Much More Fun

When it’s Okay to Turn Off Your Inner Editor

Writers, Should You Hire a Beta Reader?

Life as a Published Author

Back Cover Blurb Issues

Coming Up with a Terrific Title

Pick Your Publisher Wisely

Publishing When You Think You’re Ready, But Really Aren’t

The Struggle with Sequels Standing on Their Own

Want to be a Serious Writer? Be prepared… it’s Expensive, But There are Some Tricks to Save Money

Want to Publish a Book? Here’s What I Learned

Want to Revive Your Childhood Imagination? If so, Be Careful

Why I Don’t Title Chapters in My Novels

Why You Should Wait to Publish a Hardcopy of Your Book


Behold…Some Useful Tips for Worldbuilding in Writing

My Reaction to an Article About Setting Stories Now and What I Think You Can Do About it

Why You Should Let Inspiration Come Naturally

Unpopular Opinions

Unpopular Writing Opinion: Why I Wish Readers Would Accept Any Time Setting in Stories, Regardless of Publication Date

Unpopular Writing Opinion: Why I Wish Readers Would Accept Characters’ Physical Appearances as Written


Do I Like These In Fiction? No Way… Too Clichéd!

You Can Turn Clichés into More Original Ideas


A New Process Has Come for My Writing: It Involves More Outlining and Fewer Drafts

Deny, Rethink, Accept, and Write – This is a Part of my Writing Process

Dictate the Darn Story If Necessary

It’s All About Revisions

My Writing Process: It Starts Short and Sloppy

Why I Can’t Write Without Planning

Why You Shouldn’t Rush Your Writing

Your Story Might Work with Fewer Words


Describing Characters in Books: My Unique Views on That

Developing Protagonists and How I Did it

How I Develop My Characters

When Child Characters Need to Rely on Adults

Why I Differentiate My Characters from Myself

Why I Don’t Base My Characters Off of People I Know

Why Names Rarely Have Purposes in My Writing

When Should You Describe Voices in Your Writing?

Characters: When All of Their Flaws Are Too Hard to Apply


Don’t be Shy and Give it a Try: Research by Asking Real People


Bulleting Your Outline Points

Cutting Notebook Paper for Writing…Not!

Hasten Up with Handwriting

I See My Many Colors Writing Through

Save Time with Shorthand Writing


How I Wish I Could Write Several Novels at Once

I Am Not Like Other Writers…And Let Me Tell You Why

On Writing my Third “Magical Missions” Novel

Unintentional Symbolism and Messages I’ve Made in My Writing

Why I Chose to Write Fantasy


Plot Hole Problems: Why They Bother Me (and Others)

Story Too Complex to Tell? Don’t Sweat it—I’ve Got Tips

When You Unconsciously Use the Plot Structure in Any Story You Write

Other Literary Elements

Focusing on Foreshadowing

Stories Within Stories: When They Work, and When They Don’t

The Dialogue… It’s so Incredibly Difficult!